Ellie Skyes – It Runs in the Family

Ellie Skyes – It Runs in the Family




Good morning.. Brother. What? Do you not remember what we did last night? I remember very well.. We found out a lot of things about each other.. Like what? Well, how we are attracted to each other. You cannot un-do the things we did and said last night.. It’s too late to ever go back.. You see- this runs in the family brother. A little while back I confided in mom and dad about how I was attracted to you and do you know what they told me? Mom and dad are also related.. They are brother and sister.. Just like us.. You just need to accept this about yourself. Look- look how hard your cock is for your own sister! You just need to accept that this attraction for me runs in the family. In breeding runs in the family.. Do you accept your family, my only brother?..


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