Fiona Dagger – Mom Trains Your Stamina

Fiona Dagger – Mom Trains Your Stamina


Fiona Dagger – Mom Trains Your Stamina



Your mom walks into your room and tells you she’s just got off the phone with your girlfriend, who told her that the last time you hooked up you only lasted an embarrassing 2 minutes!! Your mom says she’s had a good long hat with your girlfriend about what to do, and she’s decided she’s going to help you out, and train you up so you can be less embarrassing in bed. She kneels down and tells you to drop your trousers, and you start protesting her and asking her what the hell she’s doing! She pulls out her phone and explains that she’s going to set a 10 minute timer, and she’s going to suck your cock for that time, and you need to try and last the full 10 minutes! You argue that it will be weird and gross having your mom do that to you, but she firmly tells you that you need help, and tells you to stop complaining. She says there’s nothing weird or sexual about it, she’s simply training you! You tell her you don’t want to cum in your own mother’s mouth, to which she replies that that’s great – don’t let yourself cum, then! She starts stroking and sucking your cock as you keep whining and protesting, with the timer running in the background. She keeps nagging and encouraging you inbetween sucking you off, and though she slows down a couple of times to help you last, she refuses to stop! Finally you warn her that you really can’t hold it anymore, and you explode down her throat!! Your mother swallows it all down and chastises you for your poor performance, saying that you only lasted 8 minutes and that you’ll need to do lots more practice with her so that you can man up and get your stamina to a decent level!


Name: Mom_Trains_Your_Staminamp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 1.44 GB – 00:11:48 – 1920 x 1080

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