Fiona Dagger – Sharing A Hotel With Sis

Fiona Dagger – Sharing A Hotel With Sis

Fiona Dagger – Sharing A Hotel With Sis



Your sister was in charge of booking the hotel room for the night, and it seems she fucked up! She swears she asked for a twin room, but they’ve only given you the one bed. It’s fine though, it will be like a cute little slepover like you guys used to have! She asks if you want to hang out or watch a movie or something, but you grumpily tell her you’d rather go straight to bed. Your sister shrugs and starts to get ready for bed, provocatively getting undressed just in your line of sight, and daring you to comment on it. You try not to watch but gradually find yourself staring as she gets changed, before sitting down on the bed in her short little nightdress. She bothers you for a bit and you can’t help but notice how short her dress is! She laughs at you complaining about it, and tells you it’s not like she’s making you look – but you can if you want to! You’re going to be sharing a bed together, so you might as well get comfy with each other, right? She pulls up her skirt to flash her pussy at you and at first you look away, horrified, but you soon find yourself staring at it. You manage to get a hold of yourself and tell your sister that she’s being super weird, and you want to go to bed now. She sighs and huffs but lays down, pushing her ass closer and closer to you on the bed. After a while of wrestling with yourself you just can’t help it, and you reach out to touch her ass and pussy, but quickly get freaked out and pull away. She sits up and demands to know why you stopped; telling you that she wanted you to do it, and she knows you want to as well! You try to protest, telling her it’s wrong to do that stuff with your sibling, but she tells you she doesn’t care. In fact, that’s what makes it so hot. It’s dirty and wrong, and that’s why it feels so good. She takes your hand and puts it back on her pussy, taking your cock out of your pants to stroke it. You can resist less and less as she plays with your hard cock, and when she asks if you want more, you say yes… She begins sucking your cock, giggling and telling you how long she’s been fantasising about this, and how filthy it feels to have her brother’s dick in her mouth… She then rides your cock before you pound her in doggy until she cums hard on your cock, then begs you to cum on her face!


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