Jolie Lyon – mom and sis asks you to join them

Jolie Lyon – mom and sis asks you to join them

Jolie Lyon – mom and sis asks you to join them



You’re the lil brother in your family, just playing video games in your bed and trying to ignore the weird, lewd noises coming from your big sister’s room. Suddenly, there’s a knock on your door. Your mom steps inside, in red lace lingerie, telling you she needs your help with something. You blush, not sure where to look – you’ve never seen your mom almost naked like this, it’s embarrassing but strangely exciting at the same time? Like the good boy you are, you follow her to your sister’s room, where big sis is waiting on the bed dressed even sluttier than mom is. You’re confused and nervous, but your lil boy cock can’t help but grow hard in your shorts. Apparently. after fucking each other for months, sis and mommy’s cycles have synced up, and now they’re both fertile and ovulating – which means they’re FERAL for cock. You know the things these two wild, horny women want to do to you are wrong, but it doesn’t seem like they care at all. And once they see how hung and massive your lil boy cock actually is, there’s no going back. They probably won’t even let you pull out.


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