Jolie Lyon – Sister helping little brother seduce mom

Jolie Lyon – Sister helping little brother seduce mom



You heard weird noises from big sis’ room, and when you peeked inside you saw dad on top of big sis making strange movements… it looked like they were wrestling and you got kinda scared, but at the same time you couldn’t stop watching. You snuck in to ask her about it after dad had left, and she told you it’s not scary at all but definitely secret – but that it feels really good?! She even asked if you’d like to do it with mommy, too… big sis belongs to daddy, so you can’t do it with her, but she can teach you how to do it with mom. You do feel really curious… so you let big sis unbuckle your pants and teach you everything she knows about sex, training you to be a real little stud good enough to seduce even your own mother!


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