Kendra Heart – Impregnating My Own Sister Complete Series

Kendra Heart – Impregnating My Own Sister Complete Series



Part 1 Desc:

"When i got up this morning i heard my step-mom leaving for work, i figured my step-dad had already left since he always had to be at work super earlier. i walked out to the kitchen and found my step-sister Kendra sitting at the dinning room table sipping some coffee. we said hi and made some small talk, me and my step-sister were always really close so i could tell she was upset about something. we always use to be able to talk but since she got married to Tom and moved in with her new husband we never saw each other. i asked her what was wrong and she told me it was nothing, she had actually come over to talk to step-mom but she didn’t realize step-mom was working today. after a little more prying she eventuality told me that her and Tom were fighting a lot because they both wanted a baby. she told me that Toms sperm count was really low, so he was going to able to get her pregnant. she said Tom was really traditional wanted the baby to be his so adoption or sperm donor was out. she was really upset and i tried to lighten the mood by cracking a joke, i said since the baby needed to at least look like her i wish i could be her sperm donor. we both laughed and a little while later i went to play some video games. a little while later i heard Kendra calling my name from the living room, when i got out there she told me to sit down on the couch so we could talk more. she told me that she thought about the joke i made about be her sperm donor and it got her thinking. she said she wanted to save her marriage and this was the best way to do it, it i got her pregnant then they could have a baby and Tom would never know it wasn’t his. i was shocked but i loved my step-sister so i asked what she needed from me, she said the first step would be me giving a sperm sample. she gave me a sample cup and asked me to go jerk off into it in my room. after a couple minutes of trying i covered up and called my step-sister into the room, i apologized to her and told her i just couldn’t do it. she asked what was wrong and i told her it was just to weird. she told me how much she really needed me to do this for her, and finally she said something that shocked me. she told me to sit back and close my eyes and she would do the rest. needless to say i did not close my eyes, i sat back and watched my hot step-sister jerk me off into a sample cum. after i came she told me she was going to get my sample tested and then let me know what the next step would be."

Part 2 Desc:

"I hadn’t heard form my step-sister for a fee weeks and i kinda forgotten all about what we had done. my step-sister really wanted to get pregnant and wanted me to be her sperm donor so she jerked me off into a sample cum to have my sperm count tested. so i was a little surprise to see her sitting at the kitchen counter when i came out of my room for breakfast. i knew by what time it was that we were alone in the house, step-mom and step-dad both have to leave early for work. we made some small talk but i could tell she was supper excited about something and she looked like she was ready to burst. finally she told that my sperm count was super high and she was ovulating to day, i was a little surprised but i recovered quickly and asked if that meant we had to get down to a clinic or something. she laughed and said no, she said that would be super expensive and her husband would surly find out. i asked how we were suppose to do i then and with a big grin she said the old fashioned way! i was grossed out and said there was no way, she told me not to freak out and she would make sure it wasn’t weird. she said we would both take our bottoms off, no kissing and we would both leave our shirts on, then i would just slide in and out till i came. i was still saying no but she started begging me to help her save her marriage so i agreed. a couple of minutes later we were both half naked on my bed while she rubbed lube all over my hard dick and cautiously lowered her self onto my dick. once i was wedged deep inside of my step-sister she stared to bounce, even thought she said she wanted to keep in clinical im pretty sure my step-sister came quite a few times before i blew my load inside of her! she said she would be back tomorrow to try again!"

Part 3 Desc:

"When i got out of school i went straight home, my step-sister Kendra was waiting for me and my parents were still at work. i knew we had one more chance today to try and get her pregnant and my dick was ready to go to say the least. she told we had to hurry, her husband top got off work early and was headed over to here to hangout with us. Kendra told me to hurry up and get into my room. once in my bedroom Kendra told me we were gonna have to cross the line more today to make sure i gave her a large deposit of my sperm deep inside of her. i asked how were gonna make sure that happened, she told me we were actually gonna fuck today and the told me to strip and get naked on my bed. my step-sister stared by sucking my dick which was a real shock then she mounted me and started fucking and give me some real dirty talk. at one point she pulled away from my dick and squirted all over me! i came deep inside my sisters pussy and i have no doubt that shes carrying my baby!"


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