kristinaxxx – Taboo Climate Change Sister

kristinaxxx – Taboo Climate Change Sister

kristinaxxx – Taboo Climate Change Sister



In the near future, due to the ever crippling effects of climate change, many of those areas that suffered the most were to adopt ever more desperate measures to cope. Due to the lack of water in most areas, family members were now heavily encouraged to bathe together in order to conserve resources. Additionally, with energy needs what they are and shortages of supply, there was little to no heat so family co-habitation was also to be recommended to combat the elements. Knowing such changes in living conditions would literally breed way more potential demand upon our Earth, authorities have also begain distribution of their recently IFDA approved "deproduction supplements" in order to limit potential familial accidents. Condoms, having long since been discontinued due to their difficulty to dispose of , these "supplements" were the mean through which these necessary sacrifices could be met. The new measures were barely in place a few minutes before your younger brother suddenly popped up behind you. His excitement, (along with pretty much every eager male who was lucky enough to enjoy a hot sibling) was not even worth hiding at this point. While you could never even begin to imagine getting naked for him, this was something he’d been dreaming about ever since he’d heard the older boys as they would make lewd jokes concerning his "sexy sister". Not only would he get to see her full body on display, he could rub his raw cock anywhere he wanted when they were to be "following the guidelines". This was one sacrifice for the planet he did Not mind making. Even with the little water they used, everything still felt too slick for his inexperienced dick. The mess was exhilirating. It felt only natural, then, to take the whole thing just moments later. He knew he’d last longer now too. Everything was so soft and warm. MY god what together would be like. For now her grunts were more than satisfying but soon he would truly have her. Later, seeing the look on her face as she crawled into bed next to him. Again, all that soft warmth. Soon his grinds gave way to her moans? She was aroused? Of course that only made him harder as even he could feel himself continue to grow inside of her soft, warm, wet walls. He could not wait to brag to his friends. They all wanted his sister. And she was moaning with his dick inside of her. She had not seen her bf (and now prol wouldn’t again for a long time now that everyhting was to be done virtual for school) . Her little brother was making Her moan? omg. Her cycle. Of course she would have to be ovulating. this lucky twerp. Those "supplements" BETTER work! She could already feel him tensing up. But it wasn’t like before in the bath. No, her body Wanted this. Despite her own misgivings, her surrender would be complete.

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