Natalie Wonder – Mommy To The Rescue

Natalie Wonder Mommy To The Rescue

Natalie Wonder – Mommy To The Rescue



Son has two friends over but mommy is not fond of these two “friends”. She suddenly hears her boy cry out in pain. Mommy comes running, frantic to find out what happened.
Honey what happened!? Where does it hurt? Down there? The two of you are always roughhousing with my boy! I’m sick and tired of it. You’re nothing but big bullies. OUT of my house. NOW. Before I call your parents!
Baby, I can’t bear to see you in pain. I don’t know why you’re friend with those boys. Because they’re “the popular boys”? Honey, who cares?? Look at what they did to you. My poor boy. If mommy could take the pain away I would. I might need to take you to the doctor. That’s a real delicate area down know.where your peepee is. We need to make sure there’s no trauma or permanent damage. Listen, mommy’s going to check it. I’ll place my hand on this. Feeling better? Aww sweetie, let mommy kiss and hug you. I love you so much. Come sit on mommy’s lap. Yes, you’re a big boy but you’ll always be mommy’s baby boy. Now on my lap mister.
I love cuddling with you. You want mommy what? Rub it and make it all better? Are you sure about that? I’ll make an exception this time. Mommies aren’t really supposed to do that with their boys. Rubbing your peepee might cause your peepee to get an erection. You want mommy’s hand UNDER your pants now? And now in your underwear?? Uh oh, it’s happening. You have a hard-on. I feel some wetness too. It’s coming out of your peehole. Mommy can use that wetness to make your peepee slide in my hand better. You want mommy to tug faster? And now slower? Mmmm there’s so much wet oozing out. I bet there’s lots of warm, wet cummies in your balls. This is a good time for mommy to make sure your peepee is still working properly.


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