Sydney Harwin – Your Loving Pregnant Mommy

Sydney Harwin – Your Loving Pregnant Mommy



I knew my Son couldn’t stay in my bedroom.. his father would be due home soon and he gets a little.. annoyed when our Son shares a bed with his Mommy.. even though I don’t mind. I would have him in with me every single night if I could.. to cuddle against.. to hold close to me. My boy has been distracted lately.. keeps staring at my ever growing pregnant body. I know I should cover up more around him but truth is.. I like it. But then I noticed his erection pressed up against his pants.. his dick grew hard for his Mommy and I have to confess.. the thought crossed my mind that I might actually be enjoying this.. my own Son getting aroused over his own Mother. I invited him into my bed, to talk about his feelings.. about Mommy’s pregnant body.. how it makes him feel in between his legs.. but then I.. I told him that it was natural to feel that way.. and that it wasn’t weird or wrong and.. my Sons boner grew bigger for me.. pressing up against Mommy like that. Pregnancy has made me extra horny lately and God knows his Dad doesn’t give it to me as much as I’d like.. no.. my Son turned me on in that moment.. his young body aching to be loved.. to be touched.. to be milked by his very own Mother… and what kind of Mom would I be to deny him.. I could give him what he wanted and at the same time he could satisfy me.. as long as it stayed a secret..


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